DIY Advent Calendar- 2016

20161130_230204.jpgToday is December 1st! That means it is the first day that you can grab that colourful cardboard box and find that number 1 and dig in to some delicious chocolate! What a wonderful and exciting way to start the day! I love Christmas and this season my hubby and I decided to make our own DIY Advent Calendar. I made homemade chocolates to fill our handmade envelopes and you can find that recipe here. This was a really fun craft to do before finals begin. It was a nice break from projects, papers and making dinner.

I first tried making the envelopes but it ended up with me literally ripping paper in half and needing a hug. My hubby fortunately took over the envelope making job and did a fabulous job. He is studying engineering and somehow he has the eye and patience to fold precise lines and not get frustrated when things don’t work. My hubby made 21 envelopes because this year we are celebrating our Christmas a couple days early.

I then handpainted the envelopes. I tried to think of festive images. Some of my favourites are the hot chocolate mug (# 9), the christmas kitty (#10), winter wonderland (# 13) and a pair of purple mittens (#20). Once the envelopes had dried they were stuffed with two chocolates and taped shut.

Now to hang the envelopes. My hubby and I have a large frame in our living room that was actually our seating chart at our wedding. We decided to use it for  the advent calendar. There was already muliple lines of twine built into the frame. We decided to hang the envelopes randomly with gold ribbon. Originally we were going to use leftover clothespins from our wedding, but they were packed away in a box in the closet and neither of us wanted to go digging through that craziness, so we went with ribbon instead. The final result is below.

This would be a very fun project to do as a family. Have each famliy member decorate a couple envelopes and they can pick out their favourite sweets to fill them at a local bulk candy store! You also could fill these envelopes with advent activities like “watch a Christmas movie” or “decorate a gingerbread house”.



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